Don't call me mommy?

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Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 11:08am PST 
I am one that does not want to be called my dogs dad. I am not their father. There are a lot of people that call me that dogs dad and I do not correct them. But It is not what I want to be called.

Barked: Fri Nov 18, '11 2:40pm PST 
I don't have a dog but I have a cat with my parents. They are her mom and dad, I am her sister. When I get dogs, they will be doggy grandparents. That's how it works around here. XD

Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 3:41pm PST 
We are 'mom and dad' for ease of operation in our house. We have grown kids and so since that is what they call us when referring to us...since well, we are to them, that is what the dogs know us as. Since Holly 'owns' me as much as I own her (I don't get off the couch and get a piece of cheese out of the fridge on command for just anybody). So I don't feel entirely honest calling myself her owner. She guards me more than I guard her, I pick things out of her teeth, make sure she is fed, worry about her when she is under the weather, nag at her about her poor choices and love to snuggle up for couch time. I think that puts me more in the 'mom' catagory than any other title.


Barked: Sat Nov 19, '11 10:09pm PST 
While I don't mind it myself I can see how some might find it an uncomfortable term to be called. For example I know a woman who lost her son at a very young age and she will flip out if someone refers to her as her puppies mom.
Alva BH

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 3:54am PST 
I am not Alva's mom. No way. I maybe her pack leader, her guardian, her friend but not mom. And I don't call myself with any of these words.

But 'owner' isn't any better, actually. Can we own another living thing? I just prefer this word because I am used to use it.

Work? What's- that?
Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 7:12am PST 
I find it weird.

I have no desire to be a father in the traditional sense of the word and when "Dad" is used it just sounds...weird.

I don't correct others when they use it and I don't mind when other people DO use it, but, well, like I said. It just sounds weird to me.

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 12:47pm PST 
My husband and I will say "go get mommy" or something to Steel, but that's it, really. My grandparents say that our dog is the only great grandchild they will ever get, and my in-laws refer to Steel as their "grandpup". Other than that, I fill a mom role, but I'm more of a pack leader. I know that is how Steel sees it, so, that's how I see it too. Even though the relationship is different.

I don't like the term "pets" because that to me says that my animals are property, and not part of the family. So the easiest way to convey that relationship is to just call them my furkids, or something. Plus, "companion animals" is just too long of an expression, and is not adequate. At least, I don't think it is.
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 7:00pm PST 
I'm not really keen on the term pet or owner...it makes me think the dog is a slave, and to me, that's not right. I don't believe we can ever truly 'own' another living thing.

Honestly though, I don't treat dogs like kids, even though I find the mummy tag cute. He's a friend to me, companion and valued 'pack member'. I would never treat an animal as a child, I find all that a bit weird. A puppy, maybe, but a dog is an adult and should be treated respectfully as such. Just how I feel.

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 8:50pm PST 
Jackson Tan- I agree on not treating a dog as a baby. I can't stand it when people do that. I makes me batty. And then they wonder why their dogs act out. naughty
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