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Barked: Tue Oct 25, '11 3:48pm PST 
Making a go of a new business is always hard work.

There are no magic answers that I know of. Good research before hand (which I am sure you did) helps.. knowing your target audience for advertising.... know WHERE to advertise..... etc.

Business most builds through word of mouth and recommendation even in these days of the Internet.

I checked out your site.. its clean and easy to navigate.. THAT helps alot.

You have a good diversity of products.... at reasonable prices.

Honestly... as I said.. no magic formula .. just KEEP at it.

I am personally not on facebook... but millions are.. you might consider a Facebook page. I see you have a Twitter link. You might consider going around your local.. and not so local dog clubs/and feed stores. Sometimes they may be prepared to advertise a site. Slowly it builds.

I truely wish you well.... it will just take time

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Barked: Wed Nov 2, '11 11:40pm PST 
Just a couple of suggestions. If you haven't already go to google.com and at the bottom of the page there is an advertising link. Most of their advertising solutions will make your page more prominent when people search for products you sell. Also I'm not sure how many hoops you would have to jump through but getting Better Business Bureau, Verisign or Paypal certified and having their logo's at the bottom of your page can help some that are nervous about buying online. Good luck with your business.