Don't Purchase Fake Uggs

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The Summerville Seven

Gamecock- Fanatics
Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 7:04pm PST 
http://teddyhilton.com/2011-10-05-animals-skinned-alive-to-make-fake -uggs

Please don't contribute to this torture by buying "fake
Uggs" products.
Daisy- Allison

Pretty girl
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '11 7:56am PST 
The only fake uggs I will purchase are ones made of fake fur!

I want to play!
Barked: Thu Oct 13, '11 9:38am PST 
Those poor Tanuki! frown

I hate this. Racoon dogs are so cute and neat looking.

Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 2:36am PST 
Oh my god.

I thought uggs were meant to be made out of sherpa??? That's how we make them in Australia, even the cheap ones, or synthetic.

I'm glad there was no video, that's one thing I just cannot bring myself to watch,

Shop Mascot- Extraordinaire
Barked: Tue Dec 6, '11 1:15pm PST 
"I thought uggs were meant to be made out of sherpa???"

Oh my god those poor Sherpas!