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Hope all the Pups are ok in the path of Hurricane Irene

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Barked: Wed Aug 31, '11 1:40pm PST 
I know I'm late checking in but hey, it's been a busy weekend (and week so far!) We're in southeastern PA, about an hour south of Philly. Lots of scary wind and rain on Saturday and into Sunday morning but we only lost a few branches, thank goodness - we have way too many big trees very close to the house so it was a tense night. Once the tornado warnings started coming for our area I packed us all bags in case we had to get out following storm damage to the house. Fortunately we never needed to! Lots of flooding around our area - and lots of crop damage from the high winds - but otherwise all is pretty good. We never lost power, probably because we were fully prepared, but plenty of people around us did.

An earthquake during the week and a tropical storm on the weekend - I think I'm done with dramatic weather events for this year!!

I did see that a lot of shelters were letting people bring their pets, which is normally unheard of. One of the governors actually said in a news conference that he knew that many people would not leave their pets behind and he didn't want to make people choose between staying with their pets and evacuating - clearly he must be a pet owner!!
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Barked: Wed Aug 31, '11 4:08pm PST 
The Governor of PA is a BIG ANIMAL LOVER. smile He's done good things for the laws about puppy mills. Was he the one that made the comment about taking animals to the shelters?
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