How do i deal with stray dogs on walks?

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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 2:54pm PST 
Hi, There are a bunch stray dogs around where i live and some dogs get out because people apparently can't fix a gate.I was walking my two small dogs and two yappy pom dogs charged from nowhere luckily they were all bark no bite but baby slipped her collar off (i now use a collar she can't slip off) and she walked over and acted playfull and the dogs calmed down and we left without a brawl.I have seen a couple large dogs around the area mainly the yellow lab Bronko that lives around the corner and i bring him back every couple weeks he is not neutered so he is always trying to find a lady dog when he gets out and he is about 9 years old .What should i do if im walking my dogs and a aggressive dog approaches? My black lab is protective of me and he is very big and he is not very friendy with big male dogs he isnt aggressive but he will growl a bit while sniffing them and depending on the other dog it could lead to a fight.So how should i deal with the situation.One time i was walking to school and two dogs pulled their owner on her face and attacked a little dog luckily it wasnt hurt and only lost a bit of fur. i would like to be prepared because you never know what kind of dog is going to decide it wants to say hello in a friendly or aggressive manor.Also how should i deal with a dog fight if that were to happen?? It shouldnt be a problem if one of my small dogs got into it im mainly asking about my lab because i have seen a couple of strange dogs around here and im not sure if they are mean or not.


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Barked: Sun Feb 20, '11 7:22pm PST 
do you have leash laws in your county? they should be enforced, if not, call animal control and let them know, if the dogs belong to someone, they should notify the owner(at first) and then can write a ticket for repeated offense.

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People are allowed to have dogs off leash i think but i would like to know what to do if a strange or possibly aggressive dog approached my dogs on a walk.



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carry an umbrella with you and pop it at a dog if they are coming at you it works or use a walking stick to keep distance between you and a strange dog

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I'd carry pepper spray if a dog became aggressive toward my dog

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I live in area with no leash law and, far enough from town that animal control will not come out here. Lots of strays/dumped dogs around. So I have a concealed carry permit and carry rubber bullets and pepper spray. I don't want to kill the dogs, but I do have to protect myself and my dogs from them. The strays are so bad here, I don't even go outside on my own property without protection from them.

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Barked: Tue Mar 29, '11 4:20pm PST 
Water gun? IDK we have a similar issue here. Lots of people either walk with their dogs off leash or don't keep them on leash while they are in their yards. My boys need some more work on their manners but it would be a lot easier if they didn't have random dogs just running up to them. Scariest so far has been a tiny min pin that was loose in a yard on a main road. I had the boys and my in-laws cocker who I was trying to work with. She is terrified of other dogs and was just starting to get ok with the boys until this little thing ran up to us barking its fool head off and made them go a little crazy. People are going to loose dogs this way.cry