Can't figure out my dogs breed..

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Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 10:36pm PST 
Hey there! blue dog
When I got my Moogie boy I was told he was a pomeranian. I knew he probably wasn't after seeing him, but I'm not sure where to go to figure it out. (I'm sure you guys see a bunch of these posts, huh? D: haha)

He might be part american eskimo dog? He's smaller than all the other eskies I've seen (He's 12 pounds) and more of a cream color than eskies are...

He is almost like a japanese spitz?
There's pictures on his profile.

Anyways sorry for the long post!
I'm a college student and can't afford a fancy DNA test for him so is there another way to figure it out?
Sandy Baby- ♥

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Barked: Wed Feb 2, '11 11:00pm PST 
If I had to guess, I'd say Pomeranian x American Eskimo. Definitely a cutie, though.
cloud 9

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Barked: Thu Feb 3, '11 6:18am PST 
Definitely some spitz in it, either american eskino or something. But it looks like a German spitz to me. Look it up. They have different color variations but there is a light cream one you can see in google images and it looks close to yours.


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Barked: Thu Feb 3, '11 1:35pm PST 
I would say Pom/Spitz. I looked up the German Spitz and definitly saw the similarities! He's cute!
The Boys

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Barked: Thu Feb 3, '11 2:30pm PST 
He's very cute. Could just be a large pom. It happens.shrug
Is he named after the moogles from the video game?
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Barked: Thu Feb 17, '11 9:54am PST 
I think he just looks like a large Pomeranian. It is not uncommon for a Pom to be bigger than the breed standard. smile

He's SO cute! big grin
Jackson Tan

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Barked: Tue Apr 5, '11 11:23pm PST 
I knew a guy who used to breed Japanese Spitz and your dog looks pretty much the same! Could it be that breed?

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Barked: Wed Apr 6, '11 2:58pm PST 
I'd say a toy American Eskimo Dog (they come in three sizes ; standard, miniature and toy)