Anyone know some good sculptors?

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I am a member of Deviant Art but there are maybe two to three artists I like who are 90 dollars and up... I didn't expect sculptures to be so expensive. I only want a small one (7-10 inches, 10 preferred) and have a limit of 20 dollars. I'm willing to save up of course (I'm 16 and don't have a job, I just do work here and there to earn money), but I was just wondering if there was a nice one that didn't charge outrageous fees. They also need to be able to sculpt wings because the sculpture I have in mind is my mother's mastiff who is her service dog, with a Celtic cross necklace and wings.

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rgyoung777 on DA does some AMAZING work, but I'm not sure what her prices are. If you can wait and save up a bit more I'd definitely go with her. ursulav has done a couple of sculptures, but not recently... The reason they're so expensive is because materials and amount of time it takes to complete a piece is figured into the price. It is quite meticulous work putting that huge amount of detail into such a small sculpture.

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Have you looked at Etsy? etsy.com is purely for artist to sell at (as well as some vintage/antique items). I don't no about your price range, and I've never bought form anyone there, but I can asure you that is your BEST bet.