Question about the featured breed in general

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Barked: Mon Dec 6, '10 3:10am PST 
This may come off rather poorly and that is not my intention, but many of the dogs' photos on the featured breed are clearly not good examples of their breed.

Wouldn't you want people to see a typey dog, since that is the whole point of a breed standard? What is the point of featuring a dog that looks like it came from a back yard breeder?

The Cardigan used as an example is definitely not what I'd consider a good representation of the breed, although you can tell what the dog is. Same for chihuahua and the Tibetian spaniel. The Finnish spitz is clearly over weight, for example, which I think we can all agree isn't what we want for our canine friends.

Also, if you do a breed search, you'll see little descriptive terms listed about every breed, like "brave or hard working."

The one for shelties reads that they are timid. They really are not supposed to be timid dogs, and I feel that is somewhat incorrect and wonder where the people who created those little blurbs got their information. It doesn't sound like it came from the breed club website which is supposed to be the authority on the breed.

Any thoughts on this?
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I'd like to see a Mutt of the Day. Call it Dog X.
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I've noticed that too, they had a Norwich listed a while ago and I kept looking at it going "Cairn, oh, huh...". I'm not to sure, but I think they might be pulling photo's for their feature spot at random out of those people have listed on their pet pages, so it may not matter to them if the dog is actually a rottie GSD mix, the owner clicked the "purebred" box so as they pop up the first picture, BINGO, today's dog is this very not Beauceron, the Beauceron.

Oh, and BTW, may I hug your Corgi? She is too cute to be legal, lol

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I've noticed it, too. When I looked at the Chihuahua page, I noticed that the dog looked like a mixed breed (albeit a very cute one). The dog kind of looks like Sakura... who is 100% mixed breed, not purebred. And regarding shelties, I definitely wouldn't say they're timid. At least, not in my experience with four Sheltie mixes. But maybe they just don't have much sheltie? Despite having many of the other "traits". laugh out loud