Mailman won't deliver mail because of a neighbor's dogs

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Barked: Tue Aug 31, '10 10:50am PST 
We haven't been getting any mail for a week now, and yesterday they all came flooding in at once.
We got a letter from the local Post Office stating that because of one of our neighbor's dogs terrorizing the mailperson, they refused to deliver mail to every house on our street for 10 days. We can go to the PO to pick up our mail.

The letter stated that the owner(s) of that house needs to come to the post office to show that they're rectifying the situation.

We hate these neighbors, and always have. They have 2-3 little chihuahuas who are very vicious. They used to try to attack my old dog Daisy when I walked her. With Toby, they do the same, but he's big so he can hold his own. They never keep their dogs on leashes, and their dogs poop and pee on everyone's yards and run all over the street.

We've called been wanting to call Animal Control on them for ages now, but we didn't want to start something with that house, who knows what they might do. But this is the last straw. I was expecting my monthly bills, and nothing came.

I'm definitely gonna call city hall and possibly Animal Control. We don't even want to talk to these people, but this is ridiculous. naughty
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Barked: Tue Aug 31, '10 3:38pm PST 
You should do something! If you have to pay late charges because you didn't get your mail because they don't take care of their dogs that's just...well words fail me. Maybe you could talk to a few other people on your street and all of you can call in and complain, that way they know it's serious and the neighbors are less likely to "come after" someone because it's everyone.

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Barked: Thu Sep 2, '10 10:32am PST 
That's absolutely insane! You should definitely contact the authorities if this continues, because that's just not fair to you or anyone on your street. And it's definitely not fair to the mailman who had to have been terrorized for this to happen! As an above poster said, try to get other neighbors to call in and complain too. With enough complaints they will have to do something!


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Barked: Thu Sep 2, '10 10:57am PST 
Do you have any kind of neighborhood group that meets, like a Neighborhood Watch chapter or some sort of a local community association?

It doesn't sound like this particular neighbor would be likely to attend, but if you have a bit of solidarity with some of the others, you could prepare a short talk and have a discussion session, which would strengthen community ties and get things moving in a "together, we have an issue with a neighbor who's not behaving in a very community way and we have steps A, B, C we're going to go forward with to try to resolve it" way.

You could sneakily turn a crummy situation into a community bonding opportunity. big grin The other nice benefit of that is it helps prevent the kinds of stuff that turns eventually into "Goly gee, dogs are such a problem! Let's limit people's ownership of them, or ban certain breeds, or start putting down all the strays..."

If that's not a resource for you it's not an option obviously, but when you're in an area that does have those kinds of things in place it's a good idea to take advantage of them!