How to pronounce "Samoyed?"

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Barked: Tue Oct 11, '05 1:00pm PST 
Last Sunday on Animal Planet they had the Eukanuba dog show and they told how to pronounce it. "Sammy-ed". I think Sam-oi-ed sounds better though. hehe

It really is all- about ME!
Barked: Tue Oct 11, '05 7:11pm PST 
Well, if you're really unsure of how to pronounce it in a politically correct way, you could always just call them "Sammies"! : )

Can we go now?
Barked: Tue Oct 11, '05 7:23pm PST 
I checked out the Merriam-Webster link, and they do say it's somewhere in between...sam-a-ed, with what sounds like a hard "a" in the middle, but definately not sammy-ed.

The Eukanuba dog show is the one I was watching, that's what made me wonder....it just seemed weird. I wonder where they heard it from?

I still like sam-oy-ed, but I usually say Sammie.

Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 5:07am PST 
Well however you say it Katee, you are a very pretty one!
Puck Robin- Dogfellow

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Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 7:10am PST 
We all know that there are folks out there who like to place themselves a little "higher up" on the social scale than the rest of us by having their "in the know" name pronunciations, jargons, etc. Let 'em--that smiling breed will always be sam OY eds to us smile. It just sounds nicer! BOL! Kinda like, are you gonna say "care ih BEE un", or "car IB bee-an"? We think the first way sounds nicer, so that's how we say it. Of course, there are no Samoyed breeders here at Collie Capers, and we don't live in the Carribean, so we don't feel obligated to worry about the "proper" pronunciation of either word smile.

Puck Robin

Can we go now?
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 8:13am PST 
Heheh, thanks Rosie! I think you're a pretty cute chi.

Doxie By- Association
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 9:28am PST 
I've heard them pronounced both ways too. I think it just depends on where you are. I like SamOYed too. But I agree with Chyna.... Let's just call them Sammies!

Puppy Power!
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 12:14pm PST 
It's two male names, "Sammy-Ed"
Keiko- (4/8/98-12/5- /12)

Queen fuddy- duddy
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 12:38pm PST 
Well, since the samoyed is named after a tribe of people, I guess I would go with how their name is pronounced.

Here is yet another way to pronounce it. Go to this website and click on the pronounciation link, and a voice will give you the "correct" pronounciation.


Sleep,eat, and- chew
Barked: Sun Feb 10, '08 9:55pm PST 
I watched a dog show and they said Sammy-ed, but I have always heard Sam-oi-ed. I think it's Sam-oi-ed.
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