East Coast Breeder Suggeations

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For years I've always wanted an OEB, and now I'm finally ready to bring one home. I don't wanna get one from a pet store. I was hopping that the people on this site could give me some suggestions as to which breeders I should give my business to and which ones to avoid. I live on the easy coast, but am willing to get an OEB from anywhere in the US. Any suggestions or thoughts are much appreciated.

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Whatever you do don't buy a dog from Mcmillan's Bulldogges. If you end up having any health issues with the dog he will deny any responsibility for it.

One of my OEB's I bought from Color Me Bad bulldogs. I have had no health issues at all with the dog I got from them. She is in Connecticut and I would recommend looking into her kennel if you are looking for an OEB.

You can get her contact info here: http://www.breeders.net/detail.php?id=239566