Old English Sheepdog Personality??

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Cope- (copenhagen)

Sniff, Growl,- Bark....
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 2:02pm PST 
Since it seems there isnt very many of you in here, ill go ahead and check back! any whoo, I was wondering what kind of temperament OES have? Are they good family dogs? Are they mellow Or hyper??

Thanks In Advance!!

Barked: Wed Jul 9, '08 12:11am PST 
We sheepies are of course wonderful! What else? laugh out loud
We have lots of energy, we are intelligent and we always want to be with our pack. Sometimes we can be quite stubborn... We need training, otherwise we might became a bit... hmm, hard to handle...

Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 5:24pm PST 
Well, sometimes my "parents'" think I'm a bit stubborn... when actually I'm just thinking things over.

~Henley smile

Maximus- Prime

Our little clown
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 12:45pm PST 
I have a OES/St. Bernard, male 2yrs, he is the most gentle, loving dog, really mellow, lots of laying around, they act goofy like little clowns, he has a 1 yr old golden lab sister that has way to much energy for him and bugs him but he's super protective of her and me. Big bark but no bites. They are great dogs, there a handful (houseful) but worth it.

no tail!
Barked: Sun Dec 27, '09 4:37pm PST 
OES train up rather easily as long as you are consistant and low key. As long as the dog has regular exercise they are mellow around the house but do tend to herd the family.