is my dog a lundehund mix?

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I have had my dog Amber for nearly 9 years now and the vet has always said she is a "husky-collie" mix breed. This never seemed quite right, but I don't have any authority to disagree. Recently, I saw a poster with a picture of a dog that looked just like Amber! The breed description under it said "Norwegian Lundehund". I have looked around on the internet for photos and descriptions. Amber seems a bit different, but perhaps she is a lundehund mixed with something else?

She fits much of the behavioural descriptions of being difficult to socialize, very smart and able to manipulate her way into and out of just about any spot, very loyal and protective, loves to be in small places and spends a lot of time in her dog house.

Her vet records indicate that she had her dewclaw removed, which I always thought was odd since she has what appears to be a dewclaw still on all paws. Perhaps she did have something removed, but because lundehunds have 6 toes she still has an extra?

When she lies down her arms and legs definitely spread out farther than any other dog I have seen.

Amber has the colouration for a lundehund. Her ears do not point up though. She is very active, even at 10 years old. We run for an hour each day and at least 2 walks in addition. She can find a way out of any confinement, even open up the apartment door and go exploring herself! She is very good at climbing and loves to take off in the woods. She is also very good at hunting birds and small animals.

I would really appreciate if anybody can help me out - I would love to know what breed Amber truly is! I always get comments that she is so unique and beautiful, it would be nice to be able to attach an identity to her.


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He/she is a Lab/Siberian Husky/Collie mix.
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I understand this is old, but just had to add my thoughts...

Absolutely not.
#1, Lundehund are so rare as it is even in other countries. I've only ever seen one in a shelter before, purebred, he was given up because his elderly owner was sent to a nursing home.
#2, Lundehund are TINY. Okay, bigger than a Pom, but smaller, much smaller than a Sheltie. I would know this, I got to meet and photograph two at a dog show a couple years ago.
#3, Your dogs description said "dew claws removed"...so? I have a French sheepdog with many extra dew claws. MANY breeds have dew claws, I've read about litters of Malamutes and Malinois who have had 3 dews needing removed from each rear foot. (And FYI, Lundehund are supposed to have "6 toes on each foot", not dew claws)

Lastly, your breed by my guess? Judging buy two of the images, and your description of sholder splay, as well as "extra dew claws" being mentioned, I deff see St. Bernard, which also describes the color. The other half, which is probably responsible for size, I see possibly some collie type.

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