Are Norfolk Terriers good with children?

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Hi. We are a family of five, Mom, Dad , tween daughter and two active little boys. I am trying to find a pup that is the right fit for us. A little buddy for my two boys and furry friend for me. I guess Norfolks are pretty rare because there are no breeders in my area ( R.I.) and I don't know ANYONE who ever owned one. How are they with kids? My household can get pretty noisy too! We need a pup who's not nervous or skittish.
I've read these little cuties can be difficult to find, not too many breeders. I don't mind being on a waiting list for a dog with the right temperament. Also, we want to wait about a year so the boys are a little older and have learned some "doggie" manners with friend and relatives pets. Thanks in advance for any information!