Did Your NAID Grow Fast?

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Keya Takota

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Barked: Tue Oct 13, '09 8:33am PST 
We got Keya from Majestic View at 9 weeks. He weighed 21 pounds when he arrived, was a little under weight but bounced back quickly. He eats The Taste of the Wild, Prairie formula, as suggested by the breeder. The food website says it is okay for larged breed puppies, just keep them lean. He has always been lean. He is 6 1/2 months now and weighs 71 pounds, very lean. The breeder did say he was the largest of his litter. Has anyone had their NAID grow quickly? I am worried about the joint issue, anyone with joint issues?

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Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 7:23pm PST 
tala grew really fast too. he was 14.5 pounds at 6 weeks when i got him. at 4 months he weighed about 50lbs and now at 8 months he weighs around 90lbs and still growing. we feed him Blue Seal Performance Dog Formula and just leave the food out for whenever he wants to eat. he goes through growth spurts every now and then.
it was quite funny to watch him grow. it was most noticeable because he started having to spread his legs wider or simply lay down to reach the food cause he is too tall! its funny =P Tala is sooo amazing i love him so much =)