help with pain

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Micky boy

Micky boy,- where's your toy
Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 11:31am PST 
I have a mini cxhnauzer and he seems to be in pain, however i cant isolate exactly where it is originating from. i believe it is in his upper hip or towards the rear of his spine, also he seems to be drinking an excessive amount of water and constantly urinating, i have had him evaluated by the vet and he does not seem to have any kidney or liver problems.
he also has developed a distinct trembling/shaking problem, noticeable mostly in the evenings when he is resting, he is going in for evaluation by the vet on Monday, blood work checking for thyroid gland and Adrenal gland problems. he does not seem to have the same vigor that is typical of the breed, even his gait has changed to a very slow labored walk instead of the bouncy gate typical of the breed, any ideas that may help? he has lost his vitality, i want to get his quality of life back again and see him happy, any suggestion would be appreciated thanks. he is a 6 yr old male, still eating full meals.