These bumps are allergies or acne??

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Leo Leon

Handsome plus- stylish
Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 9:02pm PST 
I took Leo to the vet and explained my concerned with this bumps he has... the vet said it was allergies so he gave me some fatty acids topical gel. The bumps have gotten worst and i dont know if to get worried or what.
Any suggestions?

The- Schnauzinator
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '12 6:11pm PST 
more than likely, these are "Schnauzer bumps". These are little wart-like bumps that resemble acne. It's fairly common in schnauzers. Here's a website that might be able to give you more info, as I don't have any experience with this condition. http://www.schnauzers-rule.com/schnauzer-bumps.html

Good luck smile