Small sores

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Barked: Thu Feb 16, '12 8:37pm PST 
A few weeks ago, I developed a small patch of sores on and behind my right shoulder. They would ooze a clear, very lightly tinted yellow liquid. The sores didn't make me itch or cause me any discomfort, but my mom cleaned it up, put a very small amount of Neosporin on, and bandaged me up at night for a few days. It seemed to help and the sores got smaller and eventually turned into little bump-like scars. My moms both thought that I had just gotten into something at the dog park.

But the sores are back, still in the same spot, but one is on my neck, also on the right side. These bumps aren't oozing or bleeding. One of the bumps on my shoulder is kind of big, but the surface sore is small. Like the bumps before, these don't itch or bother me.

My mom shaved the areas down and took a couple of pictures, seen here:
(Large images)
Shoulder - http://i.imgur.com/eEtco.jpg
Neck - http://i.imgur.com/vIL2l.jpg

My mommies know about the schnauzer "acne", which my sister, Kaya, has, but this doesn't look like it at all. They both looked up hot spots but aren't sure if that's it either.

We would all really appreciate any help anyone can give. In the meantime, my mom is going to clean my booboos and put a tiny bit of Neosporin on them again to see if it helps.

Thank you!
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Barked: Tue Mar 6, '12 6:54am PST 
Hello there

Those look kinda like the ones I have. My mommy took me to the vet the other day and he said I had allergies. The vet gave my mommy some fatty acids topical gel and supplements of omega fatty acids for my food. I'm still trying to see if they improve.

I hope this helps

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I have a minature schnauzer named Pixie see is 7 yrs old and have been suffering with Schnauzer sores 3mths ago I started her on CHIA (white) I put one teaspoon through her food once a day and have found she is free of sores and is a changed girl I am writing this to let people know if they are having this problem it just might help as it is very common with this breed.

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