Small dogs and big dogs

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Bo and Buddy

Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 8:08am PST 
HI I am new to this forum. I was wondering though, if anyone else has ever had the problem with their schnauzers and any big dogs.

I have two 3 year old schnauzers and a 6 month old great Dane. I am finding that my Dane is very attached to one of my schnauzers, and at times, he may go up to Buddy and lay on him, or get on the same side of the couch as Buddy.

I mean Gibson's Head(Dane) probably weights more then Buddy's whole body.

I don't want Buddy getting hurt, and i know that Gibson does not understand his size. Also, Gibson gets jealous when I give all the dogs treats.

He will take his treat put it down, and then go and bark at the other dogs I guess thinking they have something better.

I just want my canine home to be a happy one. Thanks Susan

Can I fit my- head through- that?
Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 8:13am PST 
For the food issues, I'm not sure what to say. Maybe try giving them snacks out of sight of each other, but you'd probably have better luck getting advice about it at the training/behavior forum.

As for big dogs living with little dogs, we let the Uschi monster play with her 'cousin', a sixty-some-odd pound pitbull type dog and Uschi has never been injured, even when they play rough. For you, since puppies tend to be more rough and tumble it would probably be best not to let your dogs play together unsupervised. Usually one yip from the smaller dog is enough to make the larger one back off, but if it isn't, that's when you have to physically separate them, to teach the puppy that if he gets too rough the playing is over.