Which Vet would you go to?

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I love Kisses
Barked: Mon Nov 17, '08 8:23am PST 
Ear cropping, I know you may not all agree but my mommy has done her research and has even talked to my nice Vet doctor and in California and the hot weather I'm more prone to an ear infection In fact, I've already had one, one week after I went home with mommy it was mild but I hated it I kept scratching my ears and the Vet doctor gave my mommy meds to give to me every night for 10 days that was the worse I hated her playing with my ears Anyway, our Vet doctor suggested that it would help prevent further infections too.

My mommy's question was which Vet would you go to. My mommy researched and 3 local breeders had recommended Dr. Butchko or should she go to Dr. Jezbera which my Vet doctor recommended? My mommy needs to decide ASAP she has appointments for both doctors this week. Please help her decide.