Hi, I am a new member today

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Hallelujah- Praise- God"Halle"

Schnauzers Are- Special!
Barked: Sun Apr 6, '08 7:48pm PST 
I have 3 mini Schnauzers. Two male litter mates and one 3 yr. female. I am a professional mobile groomer. are there any other pro groomer members? My dogs are: Halle, Ty and Drummer.cheer

Boss of the- House!!
Barked: Mon Apr 7, '08 6:49am PST 
Hi, I just joined too, I'll be 8 this July, I live in Oak Forest, Ill.....

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sugar and- pepper!
Barked: Thu May 8, '08 11:54am PST 
We are new today too (from New Orleans, though Maxxy was born in Atlanta)


I promise I have- two eyes :)
Barked: Fri May 16, '08 2:04pm PST 
WELCOME!!!!!!!!!! happy dance
Mr. Jeepers

likes to keep- busy and be help- full
Barked: Tue May 20, '08 8:01pm PST 
hi, nina, nice meeting you on dogster.
i hope you had lots of fun on dogster, today.
i hope you got lots of hugs on dogster, today.
i hope you have many happy times on dogster.

It's a Schnauzer- thing....
Barked: Thu Jul 10, '08 9:41am PST 
Hello there,

welcome to dogster, lots of nice people here.. cheer cheer cheer cheer
What is a "PRO GROOMER" ?????