Flaky skin

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"Maggie" In- Memory

Barked: Tue Jan 15, '08 7:39pm PST 
Hi Everyone,

I just adopted a male Miniature Schnauzer. Six years old and unaltered.

My question is: Does anyone have schnauzers with flaky skin? I thought schnauzers tended to have oily skin.

He also looks like he has one cloudy eye, not too bad.

I adopted him from a family that moved into a condo and couldn't exercise him. I have a huge yard which he is enjoying immensley!!

Thanks for any input you may have, Cathy

Mr. Mayor
Barked: Thu Jan 24, '08 2:19pm PST 
Our little guy had flaky skin as well. Our groomer recommended putting a little oil on his food to help. We’ve had luck with that and also using a shampoo with oatmeal in it.

If the above fails, try switching food. We really like Science Diet plus they make a sensitive skin blend that works for our friend's Schnauzer.