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Barked: Wed Nov 7, '07 3:36pm PST 
I am looking to breed my male Schnauzer. He is a great dog and a few of my relatives want one of his offsprings. When I contact established Schanzuer breeders, they are arrogant and don't want to talk with you unless your dog is a champion. Anyone have any suggestions?

Hard Bite, Loud- Bark!
Barked: Sat Nov 10, '07 11:46am PST 
You shouldn't breed ...your dog my seem nice he my inheaRTE ALL THE bad sides of him I go w/ the breeders you must be a champ. to breed.

Magnum Force
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '07 10:28pm PST 
Not a good idea because relatives want a puppy !!!!
Just because your puppy is cute doesn't mean it's okay to breed....what about health.....has he/she been checked?
Believe me ....this happened with my first schnauzer and I thought it would be cute to have puppies....WRONG....she had health issues I wasn't aware of and only 2 pups out of 6 survived past 2 years old.

The breeders are right.....sorry but true.!!!!

All you need to do is check the web for schnauzer puppies....
there are 100's that are available for sale and waiting for forever homes.
Please give it some thought before adding more puppies to an already overcrowded breed.
Spay or neuter your dog and let it live a long happy life.