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Kiley Star- Rodriguez

Barked: Mon Apr 9, '07 1:22pm PST 
Wooof! Hey Schnauzies, my name is Kiley Star* & I am almost ready to go live with my new mommy.. im super duper excited!dancing This is my mommy's first pup to take care of and so shes really excited to have me home, but I know she is kind of scared at the same time. I thought maybe you guys can help her out, since your more experienced! Any good pointers?

Barked: Mon May 19, '08 2:07pm PST 
Congrats on your new pup! I have had my dog almost a month. He is my first also. Make sure you teach your pup that you are the leader of the pack. This will make other things go much smoother. Make sure that you eat before she does and in front of her, make sure that when walking, you walk through all doors before she does and remain in front of or on the side of her during the walk. Make sure your pup get LOTS of sleep. Let the pup sleep in her crate in the room with you until she is comfortable in your new place, then you can move it wherever you want it to be permanantly. My breeder reccomended that I put two bottles full of warm water and wrapped in a towel in teh crate with him in order to help him sleep better. Others use ticking clocks. I did not have to do either because she (the breeder) had separated my pup from him mom and the rest of the litter a few days before he came home so he was used to sleeping alone.

Be sure to take her to the designated potty spot as soon as she gets home and don't play with him until she does her business. I did not do so and within the first five minutes that Prince was home, he had bapatized my house twice. If you are getting her from a breeder make sure you know what the feeding/sleep schedule was and try to stick to it for the first few days to make the adjustment easier on the pup. Also, make sure you have the same type of food that that breeder, or wherever she is coming from, used. I have heard that pups won't eat or will get upset stomachs if there is a sudden change in their diet.

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I have 2 female mini schnauzers and they are so different from eachother and so much fun! It is a very good idea to take them outside at least 2x per hour until they get the idea that they go OUTSIDE for this activitysmile It also helps to hang something on the door knob of the door you use to go outside so they can signal you to let you know they have to go. I used a leash and both of my girls go to the leash and make it move so it knocks against the door and makes noise when they have to go outside. Also, take treats outside with you so that every time they squat or dump outside, you can reward them instantly and they know what the reward is for.applause Other than that, just love them, spoil them and have fun!!!