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Chi Chi

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Barked: Mon Mar 19, '07 11:19am PST 
Are Schnauzers prone to having heart
problems ? shock

Chi Chi's 'mom'

With the Angels~- 7/19/96-7/10/09
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '07 11:52pm PST 
Yes, unfortunately it is quite common in schnauzers. My best friend's schnauzer died from congestive heart failure frown.

Is ChiChi showing possible symptoms? There are meds that can make CHF patients more comfortable. Sometimes they can live for quite a while. It all depends on the severity of symptoms and type of heart failure. If you suspect something is going on, like coughing, tiredness after exercise or breathing hard, check with your vet and have xrays or a EKG run. They might want to refer you to a cardiologist to get the best possible treatment.

I hope you're ok. Were you just asking for general info or are you concerned about your pet?

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Barked: Tue May 1, '07 1:52pm PST 
Sadly, yes they are a bit more prone to heart failure - but not much more than any other dog would be.