Adopting a Min Pin and would like some advice

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Hello all!!!! My family and I are about to adopt a new MinPin puppy. It's going to be a lap dog for the wife. We already have a 70lb Lab/Dach mix (TANGO). I am scared to death. I have never had a dog this small. I also hear about Min Pin running the house. Barking at the owner to pick them up, barking at strangers. Things like that. I want the MinPin (CASH) to respect me and the wife. Any recommendations on training or anything would be greatly appreciated. Also will my wife picking up and holding him all the time be bad for him? hamster dance

Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 10:32am PST 
Hi!! Congratulations on your new addition. I am fairly new to the breed myself. I fostered one min pin for almost a year and when I returned her, I adopted another and gave her a forever home. Out of the two pins, I have never had them bark to be picked up, but as soon as you sit down, they are on your lap. Wherever I go in my house, you can be sure that Sassy has an eye on what I am doing. Be sure to allow lots of playtime for these dogs, they are very energetic and have fun!

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I just adopted a seven year old min pin. He does bark at men outside and I will need to correct this. They are very defensive and possessive of their owners so if this will be primarily your wife's dog, you will have some competition, haha. All of this can be handled by proper socialization.

So far, exercise has been the key for me. A LOT OF EXERCISE. And you need to be firm with them. They are smart, will listen but you are right, they will try to boss you if you let them.

Good luck with your adoption.