Three Miniature Pinscher Mix puppies for adoption

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Chloe**Adopted** now FRIDA

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Barked: Tue Sep 28, '10 11:59am PST 
Hello everyone....
We have three miniature pinscher mix puppies that need to be adopted.
This is their story....
We rescued Chloe's mom off the streets. Where we live after you fin an animal, you are not allowed to take the animal to the vet for vaccinations/ spay/neuter until after 30 days becaused of property laws. Well we weren't going to leave T.C. at the pound so we said we would foster her and try to find her owners. After the 30 days were up, we didn't find T.C.'s owner but we discovered she was very pregnant. July 16,2010, she delivered 10 healthy puppies. There is someone currently interested in Chloe but they do not know if they will be able to keep her.

Chloe is still up for adoption. The home we had for her fell through so she is looking for a new home. She is brown/tan and was born without a tail. She shouldn't get too big but then again we don't know who the father is. The mom is about 15-20 pounds and we do expect the puppies to get bigger then her. We believe they may have dachshund in them and possibly corgi as they are born without tails.These puppies definitely take after the miniature pinscher and need committed homes. The puppies have been raised inside our home. WE are located in Southern CA.

Check out http://facebook.com/tcpuppies for more information.

We still have 2 of her brothers for adoption. Both of them have dogster pages as well. The people who are interested in them are still discussing everything. The puppies will be 11 weeks old on Friday. If you live far away or out of state, I am sure we can work out a transport.

PM me for more information. Remi, one of the brothers will need a home without another dog or with a dog who will respect his privacy.

They need to find new homes ASAP.
Chloe**Adopted** now FRIDA

Adopt me!
Barked: Fri Oct 1, '10 4:39pm PST 
Chloe was adopted last night!!

Remi may or may not have a new home and we will find out about that tonight.

Colt still needs a new home!