my friend has some min pin pups

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Barked: Tue Oct 6, '09 8:30am PST 
her pups are both boys and she still has the mother to and they pups keep sucking on each others gential area..and one of them has a little white bump on it is this bad for them...and how can she stop them from doing this?

Barked: Thu Oct 22, '09 8:04am PST 
I ran into this problem while fostering a litter of very young orphaned kittens...difference is they didn't have their mother, these pups should be going to mom for that need, I wonder if something is up with her that they're turning to each other for that comfort...

There is no way to deter them, if they're causing each other discomfort or are actually creating a physical problem the only way to solve that is to separate them unless they're being supervised.