What do you do in the morning?

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The Energizer- bunny...did you- say bunny?
Barked: Mon Nov 12, '07 12:54pm PST 
Basically. . . are you a morning dog or a "do I *have* to get up?" pup?

Personally, I hate to get up in the morning!

I know that after that awful beepy thing next to the bed goes off (well, most days) and mommy gets out of bed, mommy's going to be gone in that weird little rain room for a while. . . so back under the covers I go. (Sometimes I guess wrong, and get pleasantly surprised if mommy comes back.) I sort of hope that she can't find me when she gets back so I can just stay there, but she somehow always manages to find me really easy. thinking

If I had a bad night, I've tried crawling back under the covers again when she's not looking. . . but I usually just give up once she pulls the covers off me. (But I was warm and cozy, mom!)

Grandma and grandpa thought maybe I'd make mommy get up earlier. . . and she was okay with that, she guesses. . . but I'd really rather sleep until at least 11 if I can get away with it. big grin

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Tue Nov 13, '07 6:35pm PST 
I get up whenever Mom leaves the room! If she's going to the potty, then that's ok, because I can still monitor her from my bed laugh out loud We wake up at 4 in the morning. I stretch, shake, yawn and then jump and leap for my morning walk. After a brisk walk, I get my breakfast and then I have to go to my crate and stay in there for a LONG TIME (7 hours) til Mama comes home.

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Fri Nov 16, '07 11:13am PST 
I'm like you Isis! Dad works over night. He gets home at like 6 am and I don't even budge! BOL! Then Mom gets up to bring me and Mia out. She changes and Mia is up and ready while Mom has to pull me from under the covers. I try to stay still in a ball so she doesn't see me, but she finds me.

I hate getting up in the mornings!dancing


Barked: Sat Nov 17, '07 10:59am PST 
In the morning mommy or (daddy if he slept over) would wake me up to go do #2 and #1....lol my #1 leaves a huge puddle...daddy seems to be amazed at how much peepee i let out...heehee..then we go back to bed and sleep for anouther 1.5 hours. then daddy leaves for work and mommy and wakes up and feeds. Then i go poopoo outside again.
then i go to the bathroom with mommy and sit outside the shower.....then she puts me in my cage where I sleep all day until daddy gets off from work and we play all night