Housebroken anyone?

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Laci -"always- looking for- trouble!"
Barked: Sat Apr 21, '07 6:21am PST 
I'm almost 2 and still make messes in my moms house....do I have a problem?

I love to- snuggle
Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 7:31am PST 
Sometimes when my mommy leaves me alone I have lapse and pee indoors.. red face
Prissy N- Haliey In my- Heart F

That's Mine
Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 7:47pm PST 
Laci I'm almost 2 and do the same thingred facered facered face So I guess we both have a problem


what is yours is- MINE
Barked: Tue Apr 24, '07 8:57am PST 
welllllll I have my moments hpwever mom realllllly lets me out teehee I dont tell her...she just hits the door with lets go potty like every 45 mins
Pancho- Lopez-In- Memoriam

i must break you
Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 2:29pm PST 
pinners are notoriously hard to potty trian, especialy unneutered boys or boys who were neutered too late! i'm a big advocate for the sooner the snip, the better! consistency, and frequent potty trips, ar the key! oh, and lots of paper towels ... good luck!!

I solemnly swear- that I'm up to- no good
Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 8:31pm PST 
I still have some trouble. Someone once told Mommy that Min Pins are basically puppies until they are about 4 years, then everything snaps into place. Mommy says, only 3 1/2 years to go!

At least our messies aren't very big!!

The Energizer- bunny...did you- say bunny?
Barked: Wed Jun 6, '07 4:09pm PST 
Every now and then I'm not so good. . . but sometimes it's out of spite, or at least that's what my mommy thinks it is. I was taught to use a litterbox if I'm not outside when I feel like I need to go from the day I left my real mommy, though, so that makes it a little easier on me. *IF* I can remember where the darn things are!

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Fri Jun 8, '07 11:17pm PST 
I'm great for the most part and I'll be two this week. Once in a blue moon I may pee in the house but it's rare. It did hapen last week but only because I saw Mommy's friend who I haven't seen in so long and I was too excited and had not gone out yet! BOL!

One day it just happened! I don't have to potty early in the morning, I can sleep until like 11 am and not potty! And once I had to wait like 9 hours and I lasted! I must have a super bladder for Min Pins! hehe!

Cant catch me!
Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 2:05am PST 
When Mommy first got me I was paper trained, and boy did I love to pee on anything laying on the ground....then Mommy started moving my paper closer to the door and out to the porch and down the stairs to the grass... now Im a full time potty-outsider! I will be two in Aug and Ive been going outside w/o accidents since I was six months old! Mommy says its cuz Im such a smart girl cheer I go sit by the door and wait for her to get the picture and if she still takes too long I whine a little and jump up and the door knob...like hey mom, I gotta go!!
My little brother, Diesel, on the other hand...he is 9 wks and 5 days and he's still working on getting the potty-outside thing down. I dont really make it easy for him tho I guess...whenever he is outside I pounce on him as soon as he squats! Haha!! dancing

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Fri Jul 13, '07 11:20am PST 
I've had one accident in the house. I pooed in the guest bedroom by accident! Mom's trying to paper train me, but I usually can hold it for a bit, and she takes me out quite frequently!
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