Min Pin Kisses

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Angus- MacFurgus

Enabled Not- Disabled
Barked: Mon Sep 3, '07 12:34am PST 
Yep, I'm the kissing Prince. I'll kiss the skin off your face. I will kiss the mouth, the nose, the ear, the ear lobe, the neck, tootsies--I am addicted to kissing. I am also a great nipper. Dad says I catch his beard stubble between my teeth and yank. Heh hh ehe

Watch it...I- like the big- dogs!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 5:50pm PST 
I am a big kisser...I also like to head butt my mom and dad if they are not out of bed by 7 a.m. everyday...especially on the weekendsshock! Oh and dad's ears are my favorite spot to kiss!!

Look at me, look- at me!!
Barked: Mon Oct 8, '07 6:17pm PST 
Seems to be we all love the ears here! I am also a HUGE kisser, and if someone is not paying attention, I will put my tongue up their nose. I also have an obsession with chewing hair if I can get a hold of it, I pulled my grampy's eyebrows once, BOL!

In loving- memory- *Madde*

Barked: Tue Nov 27, '07 8:05am PST 
I love to kiss your face and nibble on your ears. But they dont like me to cause they know I lick my butt and stuff and my babies. dancing

PLZ let me under- ur coverz!
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '08 8:37am PST 
I'm a face and nostril licker. Glad im not alone. Now i can tell daddy nothings wrong with me.
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