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Betsey- Johnson

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Barked: Sat Jul 31, '10 11:47am PST 
Hello Hello!
I'm Betsey Johnson and my mommy's just brought me home yesterday! They were curious if anyone had any tips or advice for having a cutie pie like me ((: They've never had such a tiny dog! In our house we have a boxer and mini schnauzer, we all get along just fine! The boxer is Sassy, she's becoming one of my best friends although the size difference worries my mommy's. Any stories about your puppies like me would be much appreciated!
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Barked: Thu Aug 12, '10 7:00pm PST 
Hiya Betsey! wave My mommy just brought me home too and we are having a lot of fun. Mommy is very patient and loving with me and that is what I really need right now. Its nice that you have a friend to play with. I have a big sister name Bella and I love to follow her around and do whatever she does (which gets us in trouble a lot with mommy but its so much fun!) Its always nice having friends, but make sure to spend some alone time to bond with your new Mommy!! Eat lots of food, sleep a lot and make sure to get all your puppy shots and you will be fine! My Mommy bought me a cat collar with a bell on it so she wont step on me when i'm by her feet, she did this with my sister too. I really like to follow her around a lot!

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Princess Chloe- gets whatever- she wants
Barked: Sat Aug 28, '10 1:28pm PST 
Hi Betsey and Bentley.....I have been at my new home long enough that the big guy named Ax (black lab) loves me and lets me be the boss. I sometimes torture him because I can run under things that he can't. I can't hear anything and my eyes don't work very good but I can still outrun anyone that chases me around. I have a really good sense of smell and I notice vibrations so well that sometimes my mommy and daddy think I can hear sometimes. I do have a thing for the walls in my house as they taste wonderful. I have tasted every wall in every room. I really enjoy playing in my swimming pool until my mommy thinks I've been in it too long and she gets me out. I show her though, because I splash all the water out of my water bowl. I love snuggling under the covers when I sleep and occasionally chewing holes in the covers so I can climb inside them too. Congrats on getting your new homes. I'm sure your new family will love you as much as my family loves me.