Separation Anxiety

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Barked: Wed Jan 11, '12 6:13pm PST 
Marley is perfectly fine when I am home, however, when I begin to leave, he starts to whimper a little. Once I am gone, I can hear him yelping and barking. Is there anything that works to help calm him? I have tried the kong, a warm environment, and noise.
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Barked: Fri Jun 1, '12 12:28am PST 
ever find a cure?? My 2 mini aussies are the same way. As soon as they hear my car door shut when i get home, i can hear them barking and whining and they continue to do so until i get in the house.
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Barked: Mon Jul 2, '12 12:34pm PST 
That is exactly What my Miniature Australian Shepherd does and we can even hear him almost 2 blocks over. Then when we get home it is not as loud but he wont stop til all of us are in the gate and he is able to touch us.

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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 9:24pm PST 
Independence training is key! Usually when a puppy is seperated from mom before 9 wks old, anxiety issues are more common. Try shutting him/her in a room by him/herself for small amounts of time each session. Every third day or so, leave him/her in there for a longer period of time. When you let him/her out, simply walk way and ignore him/her unit they are settled down. Patience is a virtue when dealing with anxiety, I had to go through this with my Mini and its hard work. Also remember to be persistant!
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Barked: Tue Sep 25, '12 11:43am PST 
With my little man, Arlo, we had A TON of issues with separation anxiety when he was young (3-5mths). He's now 13 mths old, and I can safely say we've moved past it. I have taught him a whole routine for any leave over 1 hr., and that has seemed to do the trick.

When I leave in the morning for work (I'm usually gone minimum of 5hrs, max of 9), I make him sit at the top of the stairs (not at the door), give him his favorite tiny Dingo bone, and say, "I'm going to work." And I just leave, no looking back, and [what we found out was the key], I lock both locks (deadbolt and on the door knob). We have observed him running down the stairs to the door if we only lock the bottom lock b/c he knows this is a short trip away.

Not sure if this will work for you guys, but it has been a life saver for Arlo, and the woodwork around the door...