HELP PLEASE! I do not know what he wants..

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Barked: Thu Sep 9, '10 12:26pm PST 
HELP PLEASE! I do not know what he wants...I just got him a couple days ago and the owners said nothing.

he's 2 yr old and he will lay on floor and spring up and keeps doing it like he wants to play or something but I don't know he could miss his family that gave him away..I wished they told me his habits,his play likes,and etc.

He is a mini australian shephard.

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Barked: Thu Jun 2, '11 9:00pm PST 
Try just sitting on the floor with treats in your pocket and see if he comes to you. Does he like to play with a ball or a frisbee? My mini LOVES the frisbee and will heard large balls around the house. It would also be good to know if he's food motivated. Try asking him to perform a trick he knows (sit is usually good to start with) and reward with food/treats. If he seems excited it's a good thing. Exercise is also another big thing for aussies. I can take mine for a 3 mile bike ride and she'll still have enough go to go out again at night. 2 walks a day is needed if he's under 2, should help with indoor behavior. Good luck!