14 Month old Mastiff/Bullmastiff Cross under weight?

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Hi, this is more of a paranoid question to experienced Mastiff owners. I have a 14 month old Mastiff/Bullmastiff cross, he's energetic and the best dog I have ever owned. People stop us all the time to comment on him, but they also the majority of the time comment on his size, or lack there of. Now I've read during my breed research that mastiffs around this age get lanky, do to quick growth, and not to worry. His mother was an mastiff 130lbs, his father was a Bull 110lbs. At this point the last weigh in a week or so ago my boy is 130lbs. He's feed Acana brand 5 star food. Proper ratio, adjusted here and there when needed. My question is, is it normal for mastiffs to be a little lanky at this stage? Oh and our vet hasn't mentioned anything, but this is more of a question to mastiff owners.

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Mastiffs average 8-10 pounds per month during their first year. So at 12 months you would expect them to be approximately 120 lbs. However, some mastiffs grow quicker than others reaching 120 lbs. by 9 months of age and some grow slower... it really depends on the individual dog. Slow growth for a giant breed dog is actually preferred, so don't be worried about being "only" 130 lbs. at 14 months of age. As long as he looks healthy and you can feel the ribs while just barely being able to see the last 2 ribs, you're on the right track. Mastiffs continue to grow until about 2 years of age and then start to fill out. Don't expect your mastiff to reach his adult weight until around 2 1/2 - 3 years of age. It sounds like you'll probably be around 180 - 200 lbs when full grown. smile