Lhasa Apso Health Issues

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I have a very cute 3 year old Lhasa Apso named Cupcake. Cupcake had 2 previous owners. We got her almost three months ago.Wonderful personality and a great dog.She seems to have made a good adjustment to her new home.

A few problems though. For most of the time she's been here Cupcake has been very itchy. We took her to the vet and they said it might be an allergy.We put her on Pretazone. This seemed to throw her for a loop-the medicine would knock her out for most of the day. The itch seemed to reduce somewhat but not totally.

We also put her on a medicated diet, first beef than rabbit, for a a little over a month.This did not have any effect on the itching. After this time we let Cupcake eat other food.

During the holidays, feeling guilty about her restricted diet I spoiled Cupcake somewhat, giving her treats, Bacon Bits and people food.

Currently (for the past 2 weeks or so) Cupcake has been itching a lot.She seems to have a severe head itch. When I take her out for walks she often rubs her head against the ground in an odd fashion.Cupcake also eats very little. She is constantly begging for people food but eats very little of her food.She goes for 2-3 days on end without eating much. I'm a bit worried. Maybe she's just spoiled or ultra-finicky.

I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone might have.

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hi- my name is Lydia, and I live in bx,ny. I was a animal rescuer yrs ago. my coco who is now very old and not in good health is not going to be here at xmas so I will tell u what I about itching. I had a very very bad problem of fleas I got an exeminator in the apt. and he help me clear them up. im sure u heard about frontline-it helps. they llsare a real pain your home is invade by these tiiny bugs. to crevices, cabinets. they are worst than cockaroaches. I lived this nightmare for years. I bomed over and over. u need a le. I seegood line of defense. get yourself a flea comb its important. each day checked. use oatmeal shampoo, it helps the skin. predisone is a steroid and it helps but u cannot use it long term only when there is a severe itch attack, licking.scratching,rubbing face on floor and paws. its fad-flea allery dermatis. also get some omegas 3s. your vet didn't tell u about these mircle pills.humans take it. I do. lashas are genetically prone to allergies. did u checor ticks. if u want to respond back to me im quest 1176977. I want to join the senior dog grp but dogster got back to me and said I don't have a pet profifle, whats that -do I need to put a picture of coco on dogster. I will give u my email if we become better dogster friends.bye. Lydia-peaches