New Lhaso in the house

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Barked: Wed May 26, '10 6:15pm PST 
We got our Lhaso at five years old, on Sunday. He seemed to adjust fine, but I want to ensure that he is happy and comfortable with us. He hasn't had any accidents in the home, and goes out to potty when I tell him to. He responds to my voice when I call him. However, it doesn't seem that he is eating. He ate once in the three days that I have had him and I am a little worried that he is suffering. He appears happy, sleeps with us, and wants to be with us. He gets excited when we get home from work. Is this normal? Do Lhaso's not eat much?

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Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 3:23pm PST 
Herbie has been my first and only experience with a Lhassa Apso,but he too,did not eat at first,and sometimes still doesn't if he isn't interested in the food.
VERY finicky eater.
Since I minutely cut up a piece of chicken or bologna and mix it with his kibbles,he wont eat Un less I can get him to a doggy park for a few hours.