What to feed my lil Lhasa

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Barked: Tue Jan 6, '09 2:30pm PST 
I have this one chance to cut down on expenses by cooking Spunky's food. Six pounds of his food would run us $40.00 a month which I would supplement it with some boiled sweet potatoes. Upon doing a search, I got some conflicting information on what to feed dogs period. I was going to fix him some oat meal, but then I read you shouldn't give dogs oat meal because it may cause bloat. Then I started to give him rice, but of course there was an article that said not to feed him rice. He does have allergies and I would like to help him by not giving him beef which seems to trigger itchy ears. So I don't know what to feed him.shrug

Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 8:32pm PST 
We have always been adamant on feeding Mochi with dog food. I feed her Natures Best by Science Diet. Mochi can only eat 1 cup a day. For the 3 lbs bag 14.99 @ Petsmart, that went up it used to be 12.99. That usually last her 2-3 weeks, also depending on how much activity your pup/dog do. Mochi is indoor, does her daily walk, nothing strennuous