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Barked: Tue Apr 17, '07 7:42am PST 
Any other LMs out there? I'd love to talk to you!!
Dooley- (Diamond- Lake's- Albany)

Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 3:20pm PST 
Hi, I live with my uncle Schultz - we're both 5 yrs old and love to hunt! We didn't know we were related until our owners picked Schultz up and the breeder thought I looked like his dog. Turns out, his dog was Schultz's father and my grandfather. It is a small world.

"Isla Bear"
Barked: Wed Aug 1, '07 2:33am PST 
Hi There!


Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 8:09pm PST 
Hi guys, i'm new around here .. and so glad i could found other large munsterlanders through here, cos not many here in around LA. Cheers Xxx

Barked: Sun Sep 7, '08 8:02pm PST 
Hi there,
Looks like we are related! My mom is Sunnynooks Skelly! I just went to my new home this weekend and when my new mom was looking at this site she found more of my family! Kind of neat! My name is Banjo and I now live with a Springer Spaniel named Rookie.

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Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 5:30pm PST 
hi. I am a munsterlander! Not very many people know that there is such a thing as a munsterlander, huh?

Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 5:22pm PST 
My name is Jake. My owner just realized how much I look like a Large Munsterlander. She adopted me and my brother from a rescue. We were in a kill shelter in Ga. The rescue knew that our Mother was Border Collie / Australian Shepherd mix but she always said our Father was a traveling saleman.
What is your opinion? Do you think that I might be the same as you?

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Barked: Mon Mar 15, '10 4:30pm PST 
This post is over a year old, but Kiana is a Large Munsterlander and would love to be your friend!

Barked: Thu Mar 25, '10 1:05pm PST 
Hi there, I agree about nobody knowing about Munsterlanders, even Dogster doesn't have that choice when you put your dog photo up! I have never met another one since I've had Max. Love to go to a dog show with Munsterlanders!