Lancashire heeler mix

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Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 1:09am PST 
Hi, My dog kenzie is a 9 year old mix. Everyone thinks he is a corgi mix, but I recently found out about the lancashire heeler, and my dog really looks a lot like this breed. If I google 'lancashire heeler' and go to images, there is one image that looks just like my dog - it is the dog in the third row down on the far right, the caption is 'A liver and tan Lancashire Heeler.'

Some of the pictures of the breed look like they have a shorter muzzle than my dog has, but some pictures look so much like my dog that it makes me wonder if this is his mix. Also, the fur of the liver & tan looks just like my dogs fur.

I am wondering though, how common these dogs are in the US? I have never met one here.

Thank you!

Tyrannocanis Rex
Barked: Sun Aug 16, '09 12:55pm PST 
We had a similar experience. We got our Louie from a shelter and were told that he was a corgi mix. However, we later saw a photo of a Lancashire Heeler in a dog breed book and Louie looked just like the dog in the photo. We have since decided that he is a Lancashire Heeler but, of course, we have no papers.

It is our understanding that there are not many Lancashire Heelers in the U.S.blue dog

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