Lab being nervous all of a sudden

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Harley &- Rubi

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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '12 2:57pm PST 
Hi! Our dog Rubi is a chocolate 2 1/2 year old pup. When we got her 2 years ago we had our dog Harley. Rubi and Harley would play together at home, dog park and the dog beach. We loss Harley 3 weeks ago to bone cancer. We still do everything the same. We take Rubi to all the fun places she is use to going to.

Rubi is now nervous around bigger dogs than herself. Since she ran from the great dane, the dogs that were in that group all ganged up on her. She is nervous around most dogs, unless they are smaller than her (unless they are barking at her). We took Rubi out of the dog park and walked her around, then took her back into the dog park. The great dane and his gang had left the park. Rubi was able to relax and play again. We left the dog park on a great note. We have taken Rubi to other dog parks and she is nervous at first then warms up to the dogs.

Now Rubi seems to be nervous around some people. Not all of them though. I tried to tell my husband that the person she was nervous around wasn't a good person LOL! But she is nervous around men and women.

I wanted to know if anyone has dealt with this problem and/or know how to help her gain self esteem.

My husband is not ready to get another dog at this time. I tried to get her a new sister or brother, but he says no. Thank you all for your help shrug