are lumps common among labs?

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the happy yelab
Barked: Sun Jan 10, '10 8:13am PST 
I just notice a soft lump on his side and wondering if this is common among labs and that I have to be concern of. It didn't bother him and he is doing well. I am going to monitor the size if gets any biggger. Right now the bulge is about the size of a golf ball. Couple months ago he just had his shots including his flu shot. Wondering too if any of the injection sites is causing this as a reaction. Any opinion is appreciated. Thank you. confused
MidnightSkye- 'sDustyroz

ms pistol
Barked: Tue Jan 12, '10 8:15pm PST 

My mom had a yellow lab that had a few large lumps. She was concerned and had them checked by the vet. The lumps were what they call Lypomas. The vet said they are just fatty tumors and not to worry about them. I am not saying that this is what your dog has but that was my mom's experience. I would still have the vet look at them. My vet said that the ones to worry about usually are located in the peg pit and neck areas. The leg pit being what is like an arm pit on a human.
Hoover SDIT

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Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 7:29am PST 
It is probably a fatty tumor (like the previous poster mentioned) but I would probably still have it checked by the vet. Signs that it is something more serious are a change in size, change in shape (goes from roundish to very irregular shaped), change in consistency (goes from soft to very hard or vice-versa). I would probably have it checked by the vet just to be sure though. Better safe than sorry.


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Barked: Wed Jan 20, '10 6:54pm PST 
mattie, who is definitely a lot of lab (with maybe a bit of cocker thrown in for good measure) got bad news from our vet - the vet thought they were just cysts but decided to remove them anyway & it turned out they were one of the worst cancers there is. the only treatment for them is to catch them early before they spread. luckily they were all stage 1 & he thinks he got all of 2 and almost all of another. i would definitely have a vet check them out.

Have Teeth, will- Chew
Barked: Thu Jan 28, '10 9:02am PST 
Definetly get it checked out. If it's a fatty tumor the vet will probably tell you to just leave it alone, but since Max is still young, I would have it removed now. My pit bull had a fatty tumor on his back leg. Vet told me not to worry about it. Well it stayed small for a few years then all of a sudden it started to grow rapidly. It got bigger then a tennis ball and one day it started leaking. At 8 years old I had to have it removed and he ended up with a 6 inch scar.

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Hello! I am a 14-year-old lab that is just COVERED in benign fatty tumors. My new nickname is "Lumpy". Thankfully, the vet has checked them out and they're all harmless...for the time being. You have to watch for ones that grow larger rapidly over a short period of time, especially if they are in an inconvenient place. For example, I have one under my "armpit", which is kind of annoying. As long as you've cleared it with the vet, it's nothing to worry about. I just turned 98 years old (in doggie years) this February and I am still goin' strong!

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Hi. I read all these answers. I just fostered a dog last week, yellow lab mix, and i noticed a small movalbe lump between her jaw n eye. Its not inside her mouth or on her teeth. Its inside the skin. I am fully funding this foster on my own and have no $ for vetting as she was given to me w a health cert just last week. The rescue i thought i was fostering thru is in fact not a rescue as i thought. So she is now my responsibity. I found her a nice home w a family but have not finalized the arrangements yet. Im tryng to find out if these lumps are normal for labs. I dont have $ for vetting as I already spent it on shots n health cert (which i thought would be funded by a rescue). Thanks smile She was in a high kill shelter smile

*Baby Blackdog*
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '12 12:28pm PST 
Guest - there is no way to venture a guess much less diagnose what a particular lump or bump on any dog may be.

The only way to sort that out would be to take the dog to a vet. I'm sorry that money is tight but it would be unethical to adopt the dog out until the lump has been deemed benign.

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Hi My labs name is Dexter and he is 13 years old I think he has about that amount of what the vet calls fatty lumps, they can just take a sample with a syringe, the vet said the rules are if you can feel the lump all around and it is not attached it is ok =, but I still get him to check them out. hope this helps. Jess