blowing coat? how much is normal?

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Barked: Fri Jun 5, '09 3:58pm PST 
i've had max since march & for about the past month he's been shedding like a MANIAC! i googled it & apparently labs "blow their coats" a couple of times a year?!?! (max probably isn't 100% lab & he's definitely not show quality but he's lab enough to be recognized as such.)

i'm just wondering if the amount of hair he's shedding is normal. he leaves tufts of black hair on the carpet whenever he lolls around; it would be funny if he weren't black & the carpet beige. thinking

i can reach over to him right now & pull out a tuft of hair, but it's not like he has bald spots. he has PLENTY of hair left!

does this sound normal? and for goodness sake, how long does it last?!

one thing that's probably worth mentioning: max is a rescue. he lives in my house & plays in the yard. before i took him in, he was kept outside over the winter so he had an incredibly thick coat.

AND, b/c i know someone will ask, he eats blue buffalo & takes fish oil supplements. he gets treats like natural balance, duck jerky, banana-wrapped chicken, buddy biscuits, etc. he & daisy both eat very well. big grin

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Barked: Sat Jul 25, '09 6:55am PST 
Yes, it's normal, if you haven't been able to make a tiny dog out of his hair, he hasn't shed enough for a seasonal coat blow. I use a different brand of the furminator brush, a shedding blade as needed, and brush Odin daily..there's still hair to be found. Even off season he sheds. I also feed a premium food (Wellness CORE) and he has a great coat, there's just lots of it.