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China Weasly

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Barked: Mon Mar 26, '07 1:06pm PST 
im about 30 lbs.red face

Barked: Sat Apr 7, '07 3:15pm PST 
I am 16 lbs at my last vet visit and the Doc thinks that is ok. I love to eat Benefil.

Barked: Tue May 22, '07 5:20am PST 
I'm a Japanese Chin/Maltese mix and I was supposed to be 7 -10 pounds and I'm 12 pounds at 5 1/2 months. Look at my long legs.

Int.Ch.- Petra's- Magic Dragon-

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Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 2:14pm PST 
so are we saying Chin should come in Toy 5-10 lbs,Mini 10-20lbs and Standard 20 and over lbs?
I don't think so!!
Some historians think the Japanese stunted the growth of the tiny Chin by feeding them Saki and raising them in bird cages. Obviously that isn't true since itty bitty Chin are still being produced. This issue really bothers me.I think the itty bitty ones would have breeding issues and probably would be more prone to c- sections.First and foremost we want all Chin regardless of size to be healthy and happy.That being said I believe the big ones 15-25 lbs are looked down on by the show people because they look more like Peke's.I know everyone thinks Chin and Pekingese were once the same breed. I don't believe that because Pekes' are dwarves genetically and Chin are not! Pekes have broad fronts and narrow behinds and Chin never have.I have shown Pekingese and don't find them similiar to Chin at all.There is nothing like a Chin.Does anyone know of any health studies done to see if the big ones have more health issues than the tiny ones? Or vice versa?I love them all but believe the best goal for a breeder is to produce sound healthy Chin that are in between sizes,and yes I admit I am prejudice.

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Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 11:24pm PST 
When my dad first adopted me I was 10.4 pounds. Now I am 10.0 pounds. cheer

Barked: Tue Apr 13, '10 3:51pm PST 
I am Tommy- a full blooded Chin rescued by my Mom from JCCare. My vet says I am a "super-sized" boy. I am 22 pounds and three times as tall and long as my sister Daisy was.
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