"Reverse sneezing"

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One word:- relentless
Barked: Thu Apr 25, '13 8:30am PST 
Mia has been "reverse sneezing" for a while now. It was something that happened once in a while, randomly during the night (nothing major). If you've never heard of "reverse sneezing" you can youtube it, it's terrifying!

Now I'm just stuck on what to do. For over 24 hours now, she is practically gasping for air every time it happens. I called and talked to the vet, and they said to give her half a benadryl every 12 hours. Well, both times now, she has thrown up the benadryl. So I don't even think she's keeping it down! Within the last day or two, she has been miserable, and I'm just so worried about her.

Her symptoms: you can tell she's "congested" or has a stuffy nose. It sounds like it's both in her nose and throat, reverse sneezing episodes for about 30 seconds to a minute. The episodes happen almost every half hour. She's still eating and drinking, but throwing up any time we give her benadryl (with a swish of peanut butter).

My husband agrees to hold of on taking her to the vet, but how long do we wait? Has anyone else experienced "reverse sneezing" this frequently? Is this just the start to really bad allergies, and it will pass?

Thanks for listening!