My JRT is almost..."TOO" intelligent

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The lovable- thief
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '12 1:11am PST 
So I have a soon to be 4 month old, female Jack Russell. She is an absolute blast. I knew what I was getting into when I got her, but boy is she a challenge. There was two other dogs in the house, a Beagle and a Dachshund, but we recently had to put down the Beagle due to cancer in his throat. Anyways...she as begun to outsmart me on many occasions. She has already created multiple games, even teaching one to the Dachshund, It is similar to a game of "base" we played as children. They chase one another until one reaches the "Base" (the one dog bed in the living room) then...they switch turns and continue this game for sometimes an hour or so. She has taught herself to open doors in the house...broken out of her crate...and NO LIE.. will grab the remote if she is feeling left out, until the TV is turned off.

I'm not too concerned, I've started turning this into a positive thing, by teaching her other tasks around the house, that she knows I will praise her for, and she picks them up very quickly...what is hilarious...she REFUSES to give paw....absolutely refuses lol. She will sit on command, then stare at me without giving in what so ever to shaking my hand.

Was just curious if any one else had experienced this kind of "Battle Of Wits" with their JRT. She is a challenge everyday, and I wouldnt want it any other way.