Help with my JRT!!!

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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '12 11:34am PST 
Hi Guys,

I am new here and need help asap!!!

I have a 5 year old JRT named Vinny who has behaviour problems. He is our first dog and his pup years were pretty good and didnt really have too many issues with him other than trying to wear him out which is normal for a JRT. Maybe around 3 we started to see behaviour and aggression issues with people and other dogs. At the time I lived with my parents and they had a very missbehieved Boston Terrier who always got into trouble. I have no doubt this rubbed off on Vin. To be honest I did not do enough when these signs started to show. We did try to take him into puppy training and actually were told there was nothing they could do within 4 weeks of the classes. Mind you this was training at Pet Smart, probably not the best classes out there but we are young and didn't have a whole lot of money.

Now me and my girlfriend have moved out and live in a town house with LOTS of neighbours with kids and dogs. First 2 years living their, no incidents..He would just bark at neighbours,dogs, kids etc..About 2 months ago we have a big scare, he got loose out of our house ran over to our neighbours house who had his kid outside and at first was just barking and kind of running around. Well the neighbour went to pick up his kid to protect I guess Vinny saw that as some threat and jumped up at the man and knipped him in the back of his leg leaving a mark. We were absoloutely terrified at what happened and felt very very sympathic. The man was quiet mad we would let this happen and said he had no choice but to call by law. I pleaded with him this would never happen but he called anyways. By law showed up and made me write a statement and spoke with our neighbour. Long story short he did not want to testify as a witness but we were fined anyways and were given a muzzle order and 14 day qurantine to our house.

Every since the incident I have changed my outlook on him 360 degrees. He now gets lots of exercise (up to 1 hr each day) he gets discipline when he is bad and wears his muzzle on all walks. I have really noticed alot of change since this, obviously something I should of done along along time ago but sometimes it takes an incident like this to make you realize. So he is pretty good on walks now, walks beside me, can great most dogs/people with little fuss. He does still bark at excited dogs and some people but for the most part hes pretty darn good. I realize this is 100% my fault in not socializing him and training him from the get go. I guess I ignored dogs/people because the way he was with people which has progressed to aggressive behaviour over the years. Oh and he is a totally different dog inside the house, no real issues with him other then sometimes he gets a little aggresive with his toe which I always correct. Oh and I forgot to mention we put up a premanent dog gate with swinging door to ensure he doesnt get loose again

So yesterday I had to take down the gate because were were painting. We had a visitor come over around 9 pm and I had our temporary gate up to make sure Vin couldnt get outside. I let visitor in and swore she was in and closed the door, apparenlty not and before I knew it Vinny got out. Just my luck a different neighbour is outside with his kids. Vinny runs up to them barking and kind or running around them. His kid takes off runnning, Vinny chases her but only barks. Same thing happens where the man picks up his daughter and Vinny again kind of jumped up at him, and kind of got his shorts but did not bite. As soon as I saw this happen I yelled at Vinny and he ran right inside. I appoligized and made sure he didnt not bite him or leave marks, he didnt. The man said he needs obedience, i told him what I had being doing the past months to change Vinnys behaviour. He said he would not be making any complaints but that I should be more carefull.

I am very worried that he does call bylaw and as Vinnys second offence (would it be an offence with no bite) I am not sure what would happen, if they would take him away or not...Also we have a court date for the 1st offence in less then a month and if he had any more incidents in the next 6 months from the 1st one it would be more serious. I feel absolutely responsible and horrible that Vinny acts this way (my fault obviously) and for the neighbours that they have to put up with this from my dog. They probably dont feel safe outside with Vinny around..

He can honestly be such a good dog and I'm trying really really hard to make him a good dog all the time and tame his aggression and will do anything to help do so. We did look around for trainers in the area and almost settled on one until I heard they use a physical training approach which I dont 100% agree on, and my fiance deffintely doesnt. That and we really dont have the money for it as we are saving up for a wedding..I know I should not have any excuses as it was our choice to but the dog but its the situation we are in.