Strange Hair Loss?

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I have an unaltered 9 month old wire hair female who has essentially lost all the wiriness on her bag legs and most of her tail. There is still some fuzziness left but thats it. She is getting sunburned really easily and she looks super funny because she is all fluffy and wiry on the front half and bald on the back except for the tip of her tail. I read online in a few places that this could be caused by nutrition or hormones. She eats blue buffalo everyday on a regular schedule. Has anyone else experienced this with their JRT and if so what caused it and what did you do about it, Thanks a bunch!!

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My JRT has loads of hair, and loses it as fast as he makes it! I mean the stuff is everywhere!!! And I have a brown couch and love seat in my living room and the love seat is in the front of the huge windowns in the living room where he loves go sit on the back of the back and look outside. What a mess he leaves. I've had to get one of my nice cover's and put on the back of the love seat to keep the hair down. He is very Healthy,when I took him to the vet last fall for his yearly check-up, he weighed 15 pounds, and was solid muscle. Aol posted the top dog foods by wet, and by dry, and Science Diet Turkey wet was number one on the list, which I'd already been feeding him along with some dry mixed in with it.And I leave out some dry in case he hungry in between regular feedings. Now that he is an Adult, he's gained weight for sure, but you can still pull a lot of skin, so he's not fat. I've not had him nutured, I've not seen the point, since he's not given me any problems.Again about his hair, his hair is washed in Oatmean Shampoo for Dogs and if he's been out any for a walk for playing in the water, we use flew shampoo, but my son is always to use a condioner on his hair and his hair is so soft! My son and grandson went camping at the creek water, we live in the country in Tenn. and we call them creek's, my son told me that when my JRT jumped into the water and my grandson started playing with him, he said Mom, you should have seen all the white hair floating down the creek from Max.shock
But like I said he still has really thick hair. My son found this puppy walking down the street near his Dad's house in Florida. So he picked it up.It was thirsty and hungry, so he took care of it and brought it up here when he came to live with me.I've just fallen in love with him. He sleeps with me, and the only thing that bother's me about that is that if I move an inch, he moves that inch,he's just to be touching me, snuggling next to me.shrug And from what I've read on this site, he definitely fits. We call him spazo, because he acts to spastic with excited, and he is very smart and learns quick! He got so exited last week, that he had a seizure! It didn't last for more than a minute, but I got so scared I was screaming for help from my son. He has allergies and usually he get's up calmly cough's it up and swallow's it, but he my son and grandson come in, and woke up all of a sudden and ran into the next room to my 9 year old grandson, inhaled the pleam into his lung and down on the floor he went jerking. my son came in and put something down his throat, he coughed and got up. We put him his cage, then he threw up a bunch pf pleam, that was it, and he was read to go. As am I, I've talked long enough. It's been fun talking and listening about our JRT. My name is Mom3, if your dog has allergies or has had a seisure, let me know. Thank you!

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it's not that she's growing hair and losing it, its not growing back, she's basically bald except for a super thin layer of hair that looks as if she's been shaved. but she hasn't and it never grows back.