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YELP! Mia just- stepped on me! - Ouchie!
Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 4:29pm PST 
Sorry I never post on here; I need to start! My dogs are usually too busy on my pc to let me use it anyway, but all that is gonna change! cheer

I have a comment/question but I AM looking for an answer and one asap, please! I've got a mail iggy, Mojo, 1 yr old, and a female, Mia, 8 months old. (I know; but it's done and I can't take it back).....Anyway, the thing is; Mojo is a BEAUTIUFUL Iggy; the graceful kind that you don't always see. His stance is beautiful and to top it off, he's an 'Isabella'; considered to be a genetic flaw because they have fawn, light fawn and sometmes touches of lavender in their coat, light eyes, and a self-colored nose. Mojo is VERY fawn, and has beautiful eyes; sort of Hazel I'd say, and shaped like perfect almonds. I recently saw a picture of a beautiful male pied the other day, and thought how similar he was to Mojo. Mia is a beaut, too. She's "dark seal" (according to GOD AND EVERYONE, but no doubt about it, the girl is BLACKas black can get,and that's that. She's got a sweet face, looks like a possum so me sometimes, and is very smart, independent and a complete menace. Her girth looks twice the size of Mojo's; it's not nor would it matter, except that right now it does, and if it's not corrected for the sake of Mojo's sprained foot (injured by the linebacker!) then it's probably never going to get trained and ingrained inside her pea head. She's really bright though; she's your more athletic typical tom boy, and he's a pretty boy. Therein lies our problem.

Mia is just plain too rough with Mojo; now, while he's injured -thanks to her!- cry And she's got a few months of growing to do, and being one who can pretty much guesstimate, I'd say that she's got another couple of pounds and an inch or two before she's done growing.
So we've got ourselves a biggy iggy here (Goshzilla).......which is great! But not so great if she's going to hurt another dog; ESPECIALLY HER SWEET BROTHER MOJO WHOS PUT UP WITH ALOT ALOT ALOT in he 3 weeks! he's been suffering with HER broken paw! Then she wants to play; of all the nerve! Seriously, they are great friends and love each other, but she's just a tank and we've got to get her to be not as aggressive as she is.......it's way too painful and more than we expect out of her behavior.

So what to do? I've 'slightly' tried to read about it, but it's always better to read when it comes from you guys. Hope this make sense cos I'm party today!!

rhona mojo mia lee xxxhug