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Peanutt &- Cashew

Double Trouble
Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 3:03am PST 
Cashew every so often will get a rash behind his ears and on sides of his neck where his hair is very thin. He itches constantly to the point where it will bleed some. I took him to the vet who recommended benadryl and fish oil capsules on his wet dog food. I just recently bought him some special oatmeal shampoo and have been trying to pin point any reactions to his dog food wet/dry. I dont want to give him benadryl for long periods so does anyone have any at home remedies for his rash? They both are very picky with their dry foods. Thank you. Monique

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Barked: Sun Aug 5, '07 6:04pm PST 
Hmmm... Try posting this on www.igpost.com They are great they'll help ya with anything.
Just A- Little Faith

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Barked: Mon Sep 17, '07 3:41am PST 
The alergies are not necissarily food related. They might be caused by the food, but also might be in response to something physical he is coming in contact with. Reactions can be caused by irritation from grass, pesticide spray outside, various types of pollen, househld cleaners, even the detergent you wash the dog's blankets in.

Have you noticed any common themes in eating or activity before the breakouts?

I would suggest the following - PetsAlive suppliment from Gardens Alive. Also bathing with Neem Pet Shampoo - all natural and there is nothing better for soothing irritated skin.

There is a post on www.IGWhispers.com about alergies with a lot of usefull information as well - check it out & hope it helps!

If you need links for the products posted above, just drop me a note and I'll send them to you.

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